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Gold and Silver Investments

It is a good idea to read this write up about Gold and Silver Investments and find out who Gold and Silver Investments are and what they are like before you deal with them.

In all transactions with gold or any other precious metal with any gold dealer, it is wise to do your own due diligence and find out as much about them as possible.

Who Are Gold & Silver Investments & Gold Assets

Gold Assets, and Gold and Silver Investments are the same company. Gold and Silver Investments Limited was first established in October 2003 by Mark O’Byrne, a current director. The company was originally set up to offer Irish and UK investor’s access to the global precious metal market as O’Byrne considered there was no indigenous company offering precious metals operating in Ireland.

Gold & Silver Investments & Gold Assets are primarily a financial services company which specializes in wealth preservation by the use of gold and gold products. However, they are principally market makers buying and selling gold, silver and platinum coins and bars

In April 2005 the company was awarded an agency for the prestigious government owed precious metal investor program – The Perth Mint Certificate Program.

In November 2005 Gold and Silver Investments was approved as a Multi Agency Intermediary by the Irish Financial Regulator.

Gold & Silver Investments & Gold Assets have a large range of gold coin and bar bullion products as well as being an agent for the Perth Mint Certificate Program and also promote for small gold holdings.

They have two offices, The Irish office is in Fitzwilliam Sq in Dublin Ireland and is represented by the website The London Office is in Old Broad Street, London and represented by the website

The two Directors are Stephen Flood and Mark O'Byrne. Bio’s on both Directors are available on site.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 0900 to 1700 GMT

Gold & Silver Investments Customer Service
Gold & Silver Investments & Gold Assets provide much information, news, and advice on their websites regarding investment, wealth diversification such as in IRAs (Individual Retirement Account in the USA) or a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) in the UK.

Gold & Silver Investments supply bullion in coin or bar format. All Bullion is advised to be investment grade or .9999 fine and as such is free from VAT and stamp duty.

Gold & Silver Investments are approved dealers for the Perth Mint of Western Australia.

Investors have three options when buying gold.

First to take physical possession; typically within 10 – 15 days of buying gold in the markets the client will receive a FedEx package containing their investment.

Buy and store at a depository facility. The client must decide whether they wish to have their investment stored in an allocated or unallocated account. An allocated account is segregated from all other wares in a separate box. An unallocated account is pooled with other investors.

Buy through the Perth Mint Certificate of Western Australia.

Upon initial contact with a client Gold & Silver Investments will ask a number of questions to assess the client’s investment needs. They then advise the client of the various options available to them. They provide the client with an indicative order, describing the buying process, all costs, and banking instructions. The client then opens an account with Gold Investments. Once the account is funded an order is placed in the marketplace as per the clients instructions.

Delivery of physical bullion takes 10 – 15 working days, depending on customs and delivery to a storage account will take 5- 10 working days.

For certificates the client is invested within 24 hours of funding the account. The certificates are received 9 business days after the purchase.

Gold & Silver Investments Products
Gold & Silver Investments have a minimum transaction which is €4,000, $5,000 or £2,500 for bullion for personal possession.

With the Perth Mint Certificate Program the minimum investment is $10,000 US Dollars or the Euro or Pound equivalent on the day.

Here are some examples of gold and silver bullion Gold & Silver Investments & Gold Assets offer:
South African Krugerrands
Australian Gold Nugget/ Kangaroos
Australian Lunar Series
Canadian Gold Maple Leafs
Austrian Philharmonics
American Gold Eagles
Chinese GoldPandas

Bullion bars available:
Gold Bullion Bars ( 1 oz, 10 oz, 1 kilo, 100 oz, 400 oz)
Silver Bullion Bars ( 100oz, 1000oz)
Bars are from Johnson Matthey and Engelhard

Semi-numismatic coins on offer include:
British Sovereign (1817-2003)
German “Wilhelm II” Gold 20 Marks (1890-1913)
French 20 Franc (1852-1914)
Swiss 20 Franc (1883-1930)
Italian 20 Lira (1880-1897)
Netherland 10 Guilder (1875-1933)
Belgian 20 Franc (1867-1882)
Austrian Ducat
Hungarian Korona
Swedish Kronor
Danish Kroner
Russian 10 rouble (1898-1911)
Polish Zloty
United States Liberty $20 piece (1850-1907)
United States Saint Gauden $20 coin
Indian Eagle Gold Coins
Mexican Peso
Argentine 5 Peso
Uruguayan 5 Peso (1930)

To purchase any bullion or participate in the Perth Mint Certificate Program one has to contact Gold & Silver Investments & Gold Assets and open an account and discuss one’s options with a consultant. Then the arrangement is made for a purchase.

Most standard payment methods are available to clients wishing to make a purchase.

Gold & Silver Investments Costs and Charges
Gold & Silver Investments and Gold Assets do not charge any commission. There is a margin between the buying and selling price of gold and silver bullion which is how they make their money.

Holding costs are those charges incurred to cover the cost of storage charged by depository companies. These charges will vary depending on the value of the investment being stored and the type of storage being received.

Unallocated storage typically costs 0.50% - 1.00% per annum. Allocated storage is charged at 1.00% - 1.50% per annum. The Perth Mint Certificate Programme has no holding charge for unallocated accounts but does for an allocated account.

Gold & Silver Investments Security

It should be noted that, as a financial advisor, Gold & Silver Investments Limited, trading as Gold Investments, is regulated by the Irish Financial Regulator as a multi-agency intermediary.

Gold Investments is registered in the Companies Registration Office under Company number 377252. Registered for VAT under number 6397252A . Codes of Conduct for multi-agency intermediaries are imposed by the Financial Regulator.

Last Word on Gold & Silver Investments

Gold and Silver Investments Ltd. have been awarded the MoneyMate and Investor Magazine Financial Analyst of 2006.

It should also be noted that in the EU there is no longer any VAT on investment gold coins and bars due to an EU Gold Directive (98/80/EC) which became law January 1st 2000. The exemption of VAT on gold applies to a number of categories, one of which is " non-numismatic coins of a purity greater than 900/1000 minted post-1800", which is the vast majority of gold coins however, as always, consult your own financial advisers and do your own due diligence before making an decision to purchase gold or silver bullion.

If you have bought any gold or silver bullion from or online, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any or online complaints and special attention or service given by or online.

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This write up of about Goldline explains who Goldline are and what they deal in and is well worth reading before you decide to buy gold from their website,

As always, it is a prudent move to do one’s own due diligence before buying gold from any gold dealer.

Who Are Goldline
Goldline is the trading name of Baird & Co Ltd. Baird & Co was established as a numismatic coin dealer in 1967. As government restrictions lifted in the 1970s, Baird & Co started buying and selling gold coins in volume and by 1975 was actively 'making a market', quoting, buying and selling for banks, stockbrokers, coin dealers, retail and wholesale as well as private clients and other volume traders in gold bullion and silver bullion coins. By 1977 Baird & Co was one of the leading UK trading houses and became, in their words, "the first private contributor to the Reuter Monitor System, giving price indications on a range of bullion coins to banks and dealing rooms world-wide for more than twenty one years on the page code BACO"

By 1979 the company had moved into precious metal refining and processing producing a range of carated alloys suitable for the jewellery industry as well as toll refining for clients which they still do today

With the advent of the internet Baird & Co went online in 1997 and their services then became available to an increased number of retail and wholesale as well as private investors. Baird & Co. launched their website initially selling bullion coins and investment bars online and supplying private and industry clients with the daily London bullion fixing prices.

The main processing and manufacturing divisions of the business are located in a 20,000 sq.ft security premises in East London.

In September 2000 the company became a member of the London Bullion Market

Their Head Office is at 137 High Street London E15 2RB UK.

Goldline Customer Service
Goldline has traditionally serviced wholesale and retail clients but now accepts orders online for their products from anyone provided their fit the Goldline or Bair & Co criteria. Their service is professional and business like and having been established for over 40 years dealing with businesses and private investors are reliable to deal with.

Orders are placed through the shopping cart on the website and, of course, clients full details are required in order for goldline to process the order.

Buy Gold from Goldline
Vat (Value Added tax) is paid on silver coins but not gold and not in investment bars.

For UK Customers cheques and cash is accepted. No credit cards are accepted.

You have to allow 10 working days for cheques to clear before the gold bullion is dispatched.

Cash is accepted if sent by registered post to their address and the gold bullion or silver bullion will be dispatched on receipt.

All orders on Goldline are subject to Postage & Packing (fully insured) which will be invoiced with your order and the amount will depend on your purchase. All order requests for gold coins or investment bars are acknowledged and the stock status and payment method advised by return.

International Customers, payment must be paid in advance by sterling cheque drawn on a London bank or by sterling cash sent to them by registered mail.

All bullion is dispatched to you by registered mail or international carrier (FEDEX ..etc) at your risk so it may be, depending on the value, wise to organize some insurance.

All International order requests will be confirmed and Goldline will advise the correct shipping charges at that time.

Goldline Product Range
Goldline have a diverse range of bullion and collector coins from around the world as well as manufacturing their own investment bars of gold and silver.

Here is a list of the gold bullion on offer.
Australia Gold Nuggets
Austria Coronas
Belgium Francs
Canada Gold Maple Leafs
Chile Pesos (1967)
China Gold Pandas
France Francs Angel
France Francs Rooster
France Francs Nap III Type 1
France Francs Nap III Type 2
Germany Marks
Iran Pahlevi
Isle of Man GB Sovereigns and half sovereigns
Italy Lire
Mexico Pesos
Netherlands Guilders 1925 Type
Netherlands Guilders 1876 Type
Russia Roubles
South Africa Krugerrands
United Kingdom Various Sovereign & Half Sovereigns
United Kingdom Proof Sovereigns various
United Kingdom Britannia’s
USA Gold Eagles
Collector Coins

Investment Bars.9999 Fine Gold
Ten Tola Bar .999 Gold Bars
2.5 gram Gold Bars
5 gram Gold Bars
10 gram Gold Bars
20 gram Gold Bars
50 gram Gold Bars
100 gram Gold Bars
250 gram Gold Bars
500 gram Gold Bars
1000 gram Gold Bars
1/10 ounce Gold Bars
1/4 ounce Gold Bars
1/2 ounce Gold Bars
1 ounce Gold Bars

Investment Bars.9999 Fine Silver
100 gram Silver Bars
250 gram Silver Bars
500 gram Silver Bars

Investment Bars.995 Fine Platinum
Prices change daily depending on the spot silver and gold prices. Because they manufacture their own bars, the prices tend to have a lesser premium than some other gold dealers.

Goldline Investment
Baird & Co have been specializing in gold and silver investment products for over thirty years in the international markets as well as making a market in many of the more popular gold coins as well as stocking a wide range of the lesser known, including numismatic rarities.

According to their website, "Baird & Co. manufacture, in the company's minting division, a comprehensive range of gold bars with a purity of .9999 including 100g, 50g, 20g, 10g, 5g as well as 1oz, 1/2oz, 1 /4oz and 1/10oz suitable for private investors, trade buyers and retailers. These high quality coined bars compete directly in the investment market with national mints producing bullion coins of the same weight."

Baird & Co also market a ten tola gold bar, from Harmony Gold, one of the largest gold mines in South Africa. This investment bar, at 116.5 grams has a gold purity of .999.

All investment bars and coins are VAT free and are directly available for purchase through the Goldline website, where gold prices are up-dated twice daily, or alternatively through telephone contact with Baird & Co. dealers.

Sell Gold to Goldline
Baird & Co will repurchase any investment products including bars, coins etc.

Precious metals can be processed and returned to clients either as pure metal or in product form or can be sold to Baird & Co after processing.

Metallic scrap is melted in complex induction furnaces to ensure a homogeneous consistency before sampling and assaying. Individual customer melts of a kilo or two or industrial melts of 350-400 kilos can be accommodated in the melt shop.

The Miller process is used for gold refining. In this process, chlorine is blown through the melt converting base metals and silver to chlorides. The scrap gold is then upgraded to over 95% purity and subsequently chemically treated to produce fine gold of .9999 purity.

Silver is refined electrolytically however, to ensure full recovery of all other metals found in the scrap bullion. Treatment of spent electrolyte for re-use and the recycling of wash water completes the circle of a fully environmentally friendly process.

With a team of highly skilled production engineers working, a range of products available includes small gold bars, coin blanks, solder, strip, sheet, wire, tube, wedding ring blanks and stampings and uniform and consistent hardness, dimensional accuracy and flawless surface are given maximum priority.

Baird & Co can also provide tooling for clients own designs using the latest CAD/CAM design programs and CNC spark and wire erosion techniques.

Goldline Pooled Gold
Baird & Co also offer allocated and unallocated pool accounts.

Allocated Account
In an Allocated Metal Account the clients holding of specific numbered gold bars and or coins is stored in Baird & Co vaults or the vaults of other members of the London Bullion Market and held as the property of and in the name of the account holder.

Allocated bars can be withdrawn from storage for collection on 48 hours prior notice. All allocated gold is fully covered by insurance with Lloyds.

Opening an allocated account is subject to the satisfactory completion of the necessary due diligence.

This is part of the Know Your Customer Policy and evidence of identity in the form of a certified copy of your passport, driving licence or birth certificate, they also require two items as proof of address such as a recent bank statement, stockbroker or credit card statement, utility bills or Inland Revenue statement or Council Tax bill. The minimum account balance is GBP5000.00

Bair & Co charge a fee for allocated storage of GBP25 per kilo p.a (minimum charge GBP100 p.a) for kilobars or 100 gram bars, payable per quarter in advance and GBP300.00 per bar p.a for "large" bars (approx 12.5 kilos). Storage charges are subject to VAT.

Unallocated Account
With an unallocated account the client does not hold specific bars or coins but a share in a general holding. There are no storage or insurance costs whilst purchases of metal are held in an unallocated account and trading spreads are offered when buying or selling are considered the most favorable.

Gold and silver are the usual metals traded in this manner but in addition account trading facilities can be provided for Platinum and Palladium if required. Trades in unallocated metals on account are VAT free.

As with the allocated accounts, a Know Your Customer policy is in force and therefore suitable ID is required to open the account. This means evidence of identity in the form of a certified copy of your passport, driving licence or birth certificate, (or sight of the originals at their office). They also require two items as proof of address such as a recent bank statement, stockbroker or credit card statement, utility bills or Inland Revenue statement or Council Tax bill. The minimum account balance in an unallocated account is GBP5000.00

Goldline Gold Plan
Baird & Co also have a unique Gold Plan for people who wish to buy gold on a payment plan spread over four quarterly instalments

The pricing for purchases or sales takes place against the London Gold Fixing of your choice subject only to a small commission charge by Baird & Co.

You will get annual statements sent to you including requesting that the gold holding be converted to physical for shipment, held on account until further notice or sold on the next available fixing of your choice. This can be agreed by telephone if required

You can opt to take delivery of your gold holding in a physical form such as small bars or gold coins, for a small premium applicable to the product chosen, after all scheduled payments have been made.

After the payments are completed you can either:
1. Opt to keep the gold on account, and do nothing.
2. Double your gold holdings with no further cash deposit by making another purchase against the London fixing of your choice using your existing gold as the deposit and have the amount due spread over four quarterly payments as before.
3. Sell your gold on the next available fixing and receive immediate payment from Baird & Co.
4. Convert your gold to an allocated holding for collection or storage in Baird vault facilities.
Gold may be held on un-allocated account at Baird & Co indefinitely, without charge, until a suitable price is reached for a sale or further instructions are received.

The Last Word on Goldline
Rarely offered in the gold industry is a credit lines available to selected Baird & Co clients. Using the company’s associated business The Bullion Finance Co. Ltd. As Baird & Co puts it, “This, together with forward pricing for deferred delivery, advance payments on incoming material and full metal account facilities enables manufacturers using Baird precious metal products to hedge their risks, finance their stocks efficiently and receive the fairest return in the fastest time.”

If you have bought any gold coins or gold bullion from, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any online complaints and special attention or service given by online.

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Tax Free Gold

This write up of Tax Free Gold explains who Tax Free Gold actually are and what they deal in and is well worth reading before you decide to buy gold from their website,

Who are Tax Free Gold
Chard (1964) Limited, trading as Tax Free Gold, are a gold coin, bullion, silver and platinum dealers established in the UK in 1964 and run by Directors Lawrence Chard and Jane Chard.

They are based in Blackpool and their principal trading activities are coin dealers, bullion dealers (Investment Gold), jewellers and diamond ring designer manufacturers

The Tax Free Gold website, has been in operation since April 2000 according to the Wayback machine.

Their websites include:
Tax Free Gold Customer Service
Tax Free Gold are open for business from 10am to 5 pm Monday to Friday and may be visited at their address in Blackpool during these times.

Tax Free Gold suggest that, when you buy gold coins that you ring for a price by phone as the prices can vary according to the value of gold and silver etc on the day. You can fix in a price then for whatever gold or silver coins you are buying.

To make a purchase you have to fill out one of the order forms on their website. There is one for UK customers and one for US customers.

They are very detailed and Tax Free Gold take great pains to ensure that all transactions are honest and above board.

Postage and packaging is charged as is insurance. You can adjust the amount of insurance as per the order forms on the site depending on how much you want your gold or silver coins to be insured for.

The Terms and conditions appear, as Tax Free Gold admit, to be very one sided but any honest person buying gold or silver from Tax Free Gold will have no problems as the company have been trading in precious metal, gold coins and bars for over 40 years.

Tax Free Gold Delivery
Tax Free Gold promise to deliver within two days of the funds being received and cleared and satisfactorily received.

As they do a high volume of orders it can happen that there is a run on a particular item and so may take an extra few days to send the order. Tax Free Gold also offer an immediate delivery facility but a premium may be charged for this.

Tax Free Gold Product Range
Tax Free Gold product range is one of the most extensive available online There are far too many gold coins and other precious metals to list here but below is an across the board representation of the range of gold and silver coins you can buy from Tax Free Gold.
Gold Bars
Gold Sovereigns
Half Sovereigns
Gold £5 Coin & Gold Crown
Gold £2 Coin & Double Sovereign
Canadian Maples
Chinese Pandas
Australian Nuggets
Austrian Philharmonikers
US Gold Buffaloes
Gold Eagles
Manx Angels
Gibraltar Royals
Manx Cat Crowns
4 Coin Sovereign Proof Sets
Pound Gold Proofs
Gold Britannia Type Collection

2008 Australian Gold Nuggets
2008 Year of the Rat or Mouse - Lunar Series 2
2007 99999 Pure Gold Bullion Maple
2007 Gold Bullion Britannia
2007 Britannia 4 Coin Gold Proof Set
2007 Queen & Prince Philip's Diamond Wedding Anniversary
2007 Abolition of Slavery Gold Proof £2
2007 USA Gold Buffalo
2007 Scouting Fifty Pence
2007 Gold Proof £2 - Act of Union
2007 Gold Eagle
2007 Gold Panda
2007 Gold Sovereigns
2007 Half Sovereigns
2007 Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Sets
2007 Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Sets
2007 Gold Year of the Boar
2007 Australian Gold Nugget

Paddington Railway Station Arches on Reverse of 2006 Brunel Gold Proof £2
2006 Gold Proof Queen's 80th Birthday £5 Crown
2006 Half Sovereign
2006 Sovereigns, Gold 4 Coin Proof Sets
2006 Brunel The Man Gold Proof Two Pounds
2006 Gold Year of the Dog
2006 Australian Gold Nuggets
2005 Nelson Gold Proof £5 Five Pound Crown
2005 Gold Proof Britannia Reverse

Also Quarters & Tenths
Portrait of Pope John Paul II on 2005 Sierra Leone Coin

2005 Sierra Leone Pope John Paul II Memorial
2005 Australian Sovereign
2005 £2 Gold Proof Coin with St. Paul's Cathedral
2005 Sovereigns
2005 Half Sovereigns
2005 Gold Proof 4 Coin Sovereign Set
2005 Trafalgar Gold Proof Crown
2005 Australian Gold Nugget
2005 Year of the Rooster

2004 Gold Pound Pattern Set
2004 Britannia Gold Proof Sets
2004 Entente Cordiale Gold Proof Crown
2004 Gold Sovereigns
2004 Steam Engine Gold £2
2004 UK Gold 4 Coin Proof Set
2004 UK Gold 3 Coin Proof Set 2004 UK Gold 3 Coin Proof Set

Gateshead Millennium Bridge on 2003 Pound Pattern
2003 Pound Pattern Set
2003 Gold Britannia Proof Set
2003 £5 Gold Crown
2003 UK Gold 3 Coin Proof Set
2003 Half Sovereigns
2002 Golden Jubilee Gold Crown
2002 Golden Jubilee Gold Collection
2002 Golden Jubilee 3 Coin Gold Proof Set
2002 Golden Jubilee Half Sovereigns
2001 Britannia Proof Sets
1997 Gold Britannia
Tax Free Gold Payment Options
Tax Free Gold do not accept credit card. They do accept debit cards under certain conditions. Mostly they will accept payment in the form of personal and company cheques, bank drafts and bank transfers. See their web site for specifics depending on the amount of the order.

Tax Free Gold prefer bank transfers of course and their bank details are available on their site expressly for this purpose. Ensure you keep full details of any bank transfer done and inform Tax Free Gold of the details pronto.

They will also accept cash and payment in any negotiable currency.

If an agreement is made by phone, as is often the case then Tax Free Gold will require full customer details, especially if a new client. A fax or email copy of the customers details is then required as confirmation.

Tax Free Gold Security
Tax Free Gold advise that they report to HM Customs & Excise the first purchase of investment gold by any individual exceeding £5000, or any purchase which takes the individual's purchases within any 12 months period to over £10,000.

They also advise that, "We are legally obliged to obtain and retain identification records for every purchaser." So they will be asking for ID from clients or customers in advance prior to any sale.

Examples of ID they may request include:
Telephone bill
Full driving licence
Other utility bill
National Insurance card
Birth certificate
Tenancy Lease
National identity card
Council tax bill
The Last Word on Tax Free Gold
Tax Free Gold have been around for a long time. They carry a large amount of stock and value their business very highly. As the margins on gold and other precious metals are low, and Tax Free Gold do offer a good price for their products, they are very strict when it comes to who they deal with. They have a very exact Know Your Customer (KYC) policy and adhere to it strictly.

This tends to increase their trustworthiness as far as the customer or client is concerned.

If you have purchased any gold coins or gold bullion from, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any online complaints and special attention or service given by online.