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Tax Free Gold

This write up of Tax Free Gold explains who Tax Free Gold actually are and what they deal in and is well worth reading before you decide to buy gold from their website,

Who are Tax Free Gold
Chard (1964) Limited, trading as Tax Free Gold, are a gold coin, bullion, silver and platinum dealers established in the UK in 1964 and run by Directors Lawrence Chard and Jane Chard.

They are based in Blackpool and their principal trading activities are coin dealers, bullion dealers (Investment Gold), jewellers and diamond ring designer manufacturers

The Tax Free Gold website, has been in operation since April 2000 according to the Wayback machine.

Their websites include:
Tax Free Gold Customer Service
Tax Free Gold are open for business from 10am to 5 pm Monday to Friday and may be visited at their address in Blackpool during these times.

Tax Free Gold suggest that, when you buy gold coins that you ring for a price by phone as the prices can vary according to the value of gold and silver etc on the day. You can fix in a price then for whatever gold or silver coins you are buying.

To make a purchase you have to fill out one of the order forms on their website. There is one for UK customers and one for US customers.

They are very detailed and Tax Free Gold take great pains to ensure that all transactions are honest and above board.

Postage and packaging is charged as is insurance. You can adjust the amount of insurance as per the order forms on the site depending on how much you want your gold or silver coins to be insured for.

The Terms and conditions appear, as Tax Free Gold admit, to be very one sided but any honest person buying gold or silver from Tax Free Gold will have no problems as the company have been trading in precious metal, gold coins and bars for over 40 years.

Tax Free Gold Delivery
Tax Free Gold promise to deliver within two days of the funds being received and cleared and satisfactorily received.

As they do a high volume of orders it can happen that there is a run on a particular item and so may take an extra few days to send the order. Tax Free Gold also offer an immediate delivery facility but a premium may be charged for this.

Tax Free Gold Product Range
Tax Free Gold product range is one of the most extensive available online There are far too many gold coins and other precious metals to list here but below is an across the board representation of the range of gold and silver coins you can buy from Tax Free Gold.
Gold Bars
Gold Sovereigns
Half Sovereigns
Gold £5 Coin & Gold Crown
Gold £2 Coin & Double Sovereign
Canadian Maples
Chinese Pandas
Australian Nuggets
Austrian Philharmonikers
US Gold Buffaloes
Gold Eagles
Manx Angels
Gibraltar Royals
Manx Cat Crowns
4 Coin Sovereign Proof Sets
Pound Gold Proofs
Gold Britannia Type Collection

2008 Australian Gold Nuggets
2008 Year of the Rat or Mouse - Lunar Series 2
2007 99999 Pure Gold Bullion Maple
2007 Gold Bullion Britannia
2007 Britannia 4 Coin Gold Proof Set
2007 Queen & Prince Philip's Diamond Wedding Anniversary
2007 Abolition of Slavery Gold Proof £2
2007 USA Gold Buffalo
2007 Scouting Fifty Pence
2007 Gold Proof £2 - Act of Union
2007 Gold Eagle
2007 Gold Panda
2007 Gold Sovereigns
2007 Half Sovereigns
2007 Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Sets
2007 Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Sets
2007 Gold Year of the Boar
2007 Australian Gold Nugget

Paddington Railway Station Arches on Reverse of 2006 Brunel Gold Proof £2
2006 Gold Proof Queen's 80th Birthday £5 Crown
2006 Half Sovereign
2006 Sovereigns, Gold 4 Coin Proof Sets
2006 Brunel The Man Gold Proof Two Pounds
2006 Gold Year of the Dog
2006 Australian Gold Nuggets
2005 Nelson Gold Proof £5 Five Pound Crown
2005 Gold Proof Britannia Reverse

Also Quarters & Tenths
Portrait of Pope John Paul II on 2005 Sierra Leone Coin

2005 Sierra Leone Pope John Paul II Memorial
2005 Australian Sovereign
2005 £2 Gold Proof Coin with St. Paul's Cathedral
2005 Sovereigns
2005 Half Sovereigns
2005 Gold Proof 4 Coin Sovereign Set
2005 Trafalgar Gold Proof Crown
2005 Australian Gold Nugget
2005 Year of the Rooster

2004 Gold Pound Pattern Set
2004 Britannia Gold Proof Sets
2004 Entente Cordiale Gold Proof Crown
2004 Gold Sovereigns
2004 Steam Engine Gold £2
2004 UK Gold 4 Coin Proof Set
2004 UK Gold 3 Coin Proof Set 2004 UK Gold 3 Coin Proof Set

Gateshead Millennium Bridge on 2003 Pound Pattern
2003 Pound Pattern Set
2003 Gold Britannia Proof Set
2003 £5 Gold Crown
2003 UK Gold 3 Coin Proof Set
2003 Half Sovereigns
2002 Golden Jubilee Gold Crown
2002 Golden Jubilee Gold Collection
2002 Golden Jubilee 3 Coin Gold Proof Set
2002 Golden Jubilee Half Sovereigns
2001 Britannia Proof Sets
1997 Gold Britannia
Tax Free Gold Payment Options
Tax Free Gold do not accept credit card. They do accept debit cards under certain conditions. Mostly they will accept payment in the form of personal and company cheques, bank drafts and bank transfers. See their web site for specifics depending on the amount of the order.

Tax Free Gold prefer bank transfers of course and their bank details are available on their site expressly for this purpose. Ensure you keep full details of any bank transfer done and inform Tax Free Gold of the details pronto.

They will also accept cash and payment in any negotiable currency.

If an agreement is made by phone, as is often the case then Tax Free Gold will require full customer details, especially if a new client. A fax or email copy of the customers details is then required as confirmation.

Tax Free Gold Security
Tax Free Gold advise that they report to HM Customs & Excise the first purchase of investment gold by any individual exceeding £5000, or any purchase which takes the individual's purchases within any 12 months period to over £10,000.

They also advise that, "We are legally obliged to obtain and retain identification records for every purchaser." So they will be asking for ID from clients or customers in advance prior to any sale.

Examples of ID they may request include:
Telephone bill
Full driving licence
Other utility bill
National Insurance card
Birth certificate
Tenancy Lease
National identity card
Council tax bill
The Last Word on Tax Free Gold
Tax Free Gold have been around for a long time. They carry a large amount of stock and value their business very highly. As the margins on gold and other precious metals are low, and Tax Free Gold do offer a good price for their products, they are very strict when it comes to who they deal with. They have a very exact Know Your Customer (KYC) policy and adhere to it strictly.

This tends to increase their trustworthiness as far as the customer or client is concerned.

If you have purchased any gold coins or gold bullion from, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any online complaints and special attention or service given by online.

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